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Zhao Cai Mao
  Known as Maneki Neko in Japanese culture, and Zhao Cai Mao in Chinese cultures. This lucky cat symbol represents prosperity, fortune in business and general good luck.  
  Zhao Cai Mao  



  1. All new patients are requested to carefully read the included materials and fill out the personal Health History Questionnaire.

  2. A one-on-one consultation will be done to discuss your health problems.

  3. An Oriental Medical Examination - including classical pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis will be given to determine the precise cause of your problem.

  4. The Acupuncturist will advise you if additional tests are needed.

  5. You will be given an initial Report of Findings at which time the cause of your problem will be discussed. It includes a thorough explanation of our treatment recommendations and what results can be obtained.

  6. If you are accepted as a Patient, care will begin. Additional explanations will be given on the different types of treatments that are available in the office.

  7. An estimate of the future care that is needed will be given and upon your acceptance, care will continue until the personal maximum correction of your problem has been obtained.

  8. After maximum correction has been obtained, a schedule of care will be recommended to help prevent future problems and maintain good health.